Sunday 9 December 2012

The Great "CUT" of Waiheke Island

Andrew and I had a long planned Waiheke Trip since August.
All went well :weather and tides  gave us an absolutely Amazing time at the Beach on Saturday. 
I didnt have a chance to do any water detecting as we got following upon arrival to main beach :

Fist 5 targets we all VERY VERY deep on the Clay level of beach, silver 6th pence and some pennies and zero light stuff on top.

the structure of the sand in the cut was following: 

Top : one scoop of light sand  5 sm
Middle : Black sand with rocks - about 20 sm
Bottom of GREEN Clay hard as rock with al targets laying on it under black sand level.

As you can see on the above picture the tide was really close and we had just about 2 hours before water covered the CUT , so we had to return in the evening (9am/9pm tides are awesome)

With absolutely no rubbish targets we hold our hopes for gold, but neither Andrew or Me got any :-(

My lot is about 100 Coins all up with 7 Silvers +1 silver Ring (but where was gold?! )

Before cleaning:

The lot after cleaning :

You can see a number of Predecimal coins there , but some are just over 1946 (Andrew got Lucky and got Hal Crown 1933)
Mine are just a bit older: 

The Ring:

The Brass/copper Pin: 

And the Australian Half Penny for My HP Reward (as a start of coin rewards for Australian coins) :

Grant, Where is all the 800 Gold Items you were talking about!?????
At least i got THAT MUCH just in 4 hours :-)


  1. Between the BBQ and that ramp is the area I hunted hard because it was where the sand was shallowest. Past the ramp is virgin territory BUT the erosion has to get down to the clay there and its deep....

    Good going despite no gold. How did I miss those coins!!!!

    1. I do not think you went over the spot of new cut as ammount of coins is just insane,I am 100% sure ther eis gold that we missed as it might be tiny rings that simply to silent at that depth

      I am going back tomorrow before work to check the Cut movement and also detect water, while the weather is awesome

  2. You guys had a great day Max.
    3 half crowns !!
    I suppose by next weekend the cut will be gone.

    1. # half crowns, but not silver. 47/48/49 , Still missing silver one fr the lot :-(

  3. Broke the half crown drought well and truly :)

    1. as above, not so, as they are all non siler :-(

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! feel free to comment/ask questions :-)
      i will check out your blog as well, but send me a link to your best/favorite find and i will read about it first :-)

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