Friday 21 December 2012

Quadruple gold and long-awaited SILVER Half Crown !

All i can say - i had an absolutely awesome 2 hours at the beach digging old targets,
Its already 0.6 low tide and next low low tide will be only on 12-17 January.
I tried to use my sifter today, but gave up as waves were really high and i couldn't get out chest deep, so was only going up to weist.

Here is the whole lot i got today, just in 2 hours :

Total rings: 6 -Gold :3 ,Silver 1,Junk 2
Coins : My main Achievement is a SILVER HALF CROWN!

- i was waiting for one for over a year now!
Another brass pin, Antique Lipstick that i though was a gunshell, Several buckles, Typical "German Silver" spoons. a pair of "Pilot" sunglasses (made in Italy) and glass didnt get scratched, but frame is busted
Copper bracelet that has  "Mark" engraved, but chain was steel that got clogged in a rust ball- so i had to through it away

I really like the Sward Pin, only copper, but still looking good, might be attribute of the soldier uniform, will do research

And here we come to my Gold finds :

All 3 rings are 9 Carat with total weight of 7.8 gram
Ear ring is 1.07
The locket- i thought it was gold, but seems to be plated brass.

Thanks for reading and stopping by :-)


  1. Amazing hunt! Congrats on all the great finds.

  2. Wow Max great result.
    Congrats on the Half crown at last.
    Wondering if you have found a new spot to get
    so much in a short time.
    3 more spoons too :-)


    1. You might guess by finds that it is Waiheke- same ,main beach, in the water.
      only a small area- maybe 10*3 meters, waves were high, so couldn't get out chest deep- only knee-weist deep

  3. Great going Max! Full Crown next???? :)

    I've never got 3 gold in one day..mutter..mutter..mutter

    1. No,not crown, Sov... I really really want a gold coin :-)

  4. Hmm I would like a gold coin too... dont clean out all the beach aye :) or ill have nothing to do on my holiday.

    1. Impossible to clean out :-) also i water detect Knee-weist deep during low tide- so you simply can not get to those targets,unless you get underwater detector as well :-)

      It a bummer that tide mark is 0.8-1 mter low during holidays :-( next low low tide0.2-0.4 is on 12-16 January :-(

  5. Scrap gold value about $213NZ less commisions and expenses.
    Quite a good hourly rate.

  6. Your a legend Max,what a day you had.