Tuesday 18 December 2012

4 hours at Mission Bay,Chest deep in water

Heya all,

I am still chasing next gold ring, without much success :-(
Here are all finds for today :

Couple of junk bracelets and other bits and bobs.

Here is good stuff :

* Set of silver hoop earings
* Silver snake lock
* Possible silver charms
* Possible silver Stud (not likely)

Rings :
*Silver with mark "TOTS"
* Silver marked STG
* Silver with 3 different hallmarks : 3 leafed clover with ACS, tank, and ring in square
* Stainless steel

And intact Pistol Bullet !

Thanks for stopping by :-)


  1. Good result Max.
    Interesting mark - 3 leafed clover with ACS, tank, and ring in square - any chance of a pic?


  2. Seems like you did quite alright then Max... check out my blog later to see a nice gold ring found right at the top of Mt Eden... cant keep it though it was a ring find job, bit of a story to it.

  3. Max I think the ring in the square is actually the letter O which is a date mark.
    No clue on the rest of the marks as pic not clear enough.