Tuesday 18 December 2012

Friday- Monday Finds

Heay all,
Semi fortunate lowest tide for me this month - a number of good finds, but no gold ..
Oh well, there is always next time! :-)

Here is a quick Video of Our crazy 4 am outing with Brett (Littlespec) :

And the rest of the finds :

When i scooped the watch - thought it was gold bracelet :-( but turned out to be Seiko Gold plated and busted :-(, i wish they were water proof, then it could have a chance of survival.....

Silver Silxpence 1937 found at night, Silver ear ring found at Kohi

5 Rings in total :

The mustache with eyes ring  - Your argument is Invalid!
Big Chrome-something alloy that rings like silver but it is not - found a number of those
2 Tiny silver heart rings
and the best ring for the week - Nice Silver Men ring with 5 stones

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So your gonna wear the moustache ring to work?? :)

    Nice silvers - pity about no gold but you can't rake it in every time!

  2. So 2 x excal + 0.2 tide = zero gold.
    Tsk, tsk.
    Joking Max.
    You had a much better weekend than me. I got $7.00
    from my 5am beach excursion. Lovely sunrise though.