Wednesday 12 December 2012

Waiheke Tuesday Trip 11/12/2012

Being a shift worker has it own advantages - for example having a half day in the morning to do what ever i like before starting at 3pm
Thanks to Fullers NZ, operating Ferry trips to Waiheke every hour, it was eay for me to get there and come back

Here is a Short Video with my narration (sorry for low volume as camera is in water prof case):

And here are pictures of the finds (ring on the right is copper): 

The Best finds close up:
5 gram Pendant
7,4 gram Gold ring
Silver shilling and 925 wedding band

I can not read marking on pendant and ring, but if those are only 9 CT - still good finds ! (but comparing to my other 9ct items, these look more like 585 14ct)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very nice finds Max, specially the locket.
    Anything inside?

    1. To see if there is anything inside,i need to remove the upper ring, but i do not want to :-)

  2. Great finds. As well as Chris's question, have you managed to track down the symbol on the ring to see if it means anything?

  3. Replies
    1. I think it is similar to this one :

  4. Video at long last! :)
    I never had much luck actually in the water on the "Rock", must be another channel scouring out below the tide?

    Next time you go hit the grass on that track down to the beach - always meant to detect it but never got around to it. Heaps of people use it so there should be some $ there.

    You've got me thinking of driving to a beach tomorrow for a hunt now!

    1. Just do it, go to the beach , do not think :-)
      i skipped today due to extreme sun, went to the shop at 10 am for milk and realised that i do not want my ass to be fried today.

      I rather detect beach in the rain- no people with annoying questions and no need for sun block

  5. Good vid Max.
    Do you check for second items in your floating tray?
    Bet you were grinning when that locket came up. :-)