Thursday 6 December 2012

One year Wrap Up part 1 : Silver coins

Auckland is really really hunted out and most of old parks and other detectable areas are reinstated.
So it is really hard to find a spot that has never been detected or can have some leftovers...

but anyway, here is my lot, the total of 55 silver coins (so miserable to compare with South Island guys who get up to 30 silvers in one day):

I still do not have Half Crown :-( but hopefully will find soon

My Favorite coin of all is Indian Half Rupee 1936 that was found at Mission Bay
I also have 2 Sixpence 1944 that are still shiny as they were just minted - absolutely pristine condition
My last silver coin for a year was munted 1917 Canadian 10 cents

Next part will be Silver Junk and silver Rings :-)


  1. Funny I seem to find shilling 5 to 1 for all other silvers.. just like $1 I spose..

  2. My silver coin count is much the same as yours Max with 105 from nearly 2 years. Shillings and 6p are similar numbers each. I feel quite lucky to have found 3 NZ and 1 English silver half crowns. I will do a proper tally at the end of December.