Sunday 18 November 2012

Excal goes Deep Part 3 : River/Mud/Beach and a Broken Scoop

Heya all ,

Lets Start from "the End" - when i almost finished for the weekend... and my Scoop Handle snapped... Again... :-(

No, it is not a bad wood and no it is not small pipe on the scoop - it is MUD and me trying to work fast in the water and putting too much pressure on the handle. I am tall and have to have long handle, hence higher chance to snap it :-(. Next Step - To find 30-31mm Stainless steel Pipe to make handle

But lets get to the good part ! i didnt realize that i found silvers, till i cleaned up mud coin blobs :-)
and that is where i found Shilling & 2 sixpence, where one is 1887 Young Head Queen Victoria! - really happy with that one :-)

Another 2 coins i am very interested in are some copper , 3pence size, that i can not read at all , so i used pencil and paper to get a slip of them ,PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE , Please

As you can see one side has Britannia and another just wording...that possibly read Victoria.... PLEASE HELP!

And here is the best of the best for the weekend, that made me and all my friends say :"WOW!!" :

I am gonna test Diamonds tomorrow :-) lets hope they are real.
The Ring was Deep and has years of Mud Patina on it (not as bad as those from Rarotonga- maybe X years in mud, not like XX years in reef)

And all finds together with couple of bullets and 2 other Junk rings i found over the weekend:

Thanks for stopping By, have a nice day and do not forget to invite me for a friendly hunt :-)


  1. "When you loose your gold ring.
    Who ya gonna call?

    Well done Max.
    Nice gold. The coins are a bit of a mystery though.


  2. Good going Max, love the ring!.

    For the scoop handle, did you have to grain of the wood oriented the correct way? Makes a big difference in strength (I found out that the hard way!).

    1. yap, the wood layout was correct for Max strength, but it still wears out really quick at the scoop pipe end :-(

      Now trying to find where i can buy cheap stainless steel pipe 100-120 sm in length and 31mm in diameter.

      will have to use spade today nd only do wet sand....0.4 tide,, such a bummer....

  3. Great finds Max,sorry I cant help with the coin.sure looks interesting though