Monday 5 November 2012

Excalibur At Mission Bay: 4.5 Rings

Heya all,

Got a day off today, so decided to go for an early morning hunt.
As low tide was 6 am, i was pretty much running away from tidal water while walking the surf line.

The best find of the day is a nice pearl Silver ring :

And here are the rest 3.5 Rings :

The top 2 are stainless steel , where 1st is not so good quality, but second is marked "SURGICOL STAINLESS STEEL" not my spelling mistake this time, but that what it says on the ring Surgicol .

The Big Gold plated Ring got me really excited when it first popped out of sand... Oh well. next time :-)
And the.5 of  ring is a half of Silver toe ring.

Spent about 4 hours total with a little bit of coins... Nice day and a good exercise :-)

See you all at the beach


  1. Nice one Max.
    Were they deep on the flats ?

  2. No No i didnt go in water, those were on the Wet sand Slopes , not deep - recent drops