Monday 30 July 2012

2 Hour Hunt at Takapuna this morning

Got a day off today :-)
So went 1 h before low tide to our over over over OVER hunted beach.
There were pretty big swells , but weather was nice and sunny.
Spent 2 hours wondering around, looking at any spots with erosion - found couple and manage to pull 3! predecimals from different  areas.

Not a bad 2 hour walk considering i was going over the area that i personally cleaned out at the end of summer several times.

One out of 3 is silver , another one was just 1 year away 1947 :-(

Also new member for my pet tag collection - Pipi


  1. Snap Max.
    I too got 1 silver sixpence on the weekend in a similar time at a park.

    Also spent 1 (unplanned)hour Saturday pm on St Heliers beach and got one 50c at 35cm deep in wet sand plus mild hypothermia and nothing else.:-)

  2. All usual beaches - Takapuna, Mission by, Kohi and Sthelliers are empty from our summer/autumn clean out :-)

    But there are dozens of small beaches out there, that has never been visited by detectorists.. like one in south Auckland.

    Winter is a time to explore random places for old stuff :-)

  3. Hunted one of the local beaches a few days ago for zilch. Went back today after yesterdays wind and ended up with a silver ring, 2x '33 sixpences and a '34 thrupence (+ $11). Only signs of sand built up and none of erosion with the sand being soft and partially buried seaweed everywhere. I figure the waves had turned the sand over bringing the fresh finds to the surface. All finds where light so they would have washed around a bit in the surf.

    Always worthwhile hunting even a hunted out beach after any storm.

  4. Heya Grant,
    I am still planning to come to Waiheke and hunt out just below the low tide mark :-)
    Just waiting for grabone deals for waiheke tickets and a better weather.
    send me a txt so i will have your number and can contact once will be going over and we can compete :-))))

  5. Cool finds Max :)

    After a weekends worth of video from the westcoast didnt record properly on my Tachyon,
    im gonna be buying a GoPro very soon too :) Where did ya get yours from???

  6. I baught mine from cmera&camera as price was almost same is lowest across the country.
    the cheapest is 473 (outdoor edition)
    You will need to buy following addons right away:
    - edditional pack of mounts -30$ (contains more than enough for good mount on MD itself)
    - batterypack (this one is a small chargeritself! via USB - a mUST)
    - Dive In Housing if you planning underwater filming - as original has a known bug with NO FOCUS underwater