Sunday 22 July 2012

South Auckland Day 1

Good Day everyone,
Treasure seeker and i went on morning discovery trip to one of the south Auckland areas.
I would never go alone there. But long time ago, south Auckland wasn't that bad at all.

I hope you Enjoy the video i've made of day 1 :

So Here is a close up of the ring :

And the Three pence :

Once i process the Day 2 - i will upload another video and a photo of all finds over 2 days :-)
Thanks for stopping by 


  1. Way to go!

    Ive started digging all pull tab signals again, so hoping to find another gold ring one day ;) Even the 1922 3p have been higher 60's signals on the GBP at my latest spot, so get a buzz outta those comming up instead of J.A.F.P.T ;)

  2. its just so hard to make yourself dig all those pulltab signals in some areas..and I was thinking.. there is the odd time where I have a ring find job and cant do which if you like I could pass on to you.. including the water ones, which I cant do.. just text me and I'll put you in my phone.. cheers
    Brett 0221968022