Tuesday 4 June 2013

Dirt Hunt #6-7/2013 - Brisbane Trip

Good day my friends,
As my trip to Perth is still far ahead and i was sitting without a detector, mentally unstable due to relationship issues that are ongoing since January (that is a main reason for not detecting as much) i decided to fly to Brisbane to pick up CTX 3030 , meet a great couple that i got to know last year at Rarotonga- Greg and Ria and get a little bit of detecting.

I will say again, Thank you very much G&R to host me at such a short notice! (2 hour notice that i am booking flight and 3 hour flight itself). You are a wonderful couple and your 2 fluffy dogs are awesome :-)

I finished work around 5 on friday, run home, and realized that i need to get away. like now.... so i booked the flight and gone. On my way to airport, Dan sent me couple of motivational sms with his finds, so i was 100% sure that i am getting a detector to keep me occupied till august .

The story at the Brisbane ,

Greg really wanted to find something cool at WW2 site, so we went to one of them right after i picked up my machine from BrisbaneGold.
as for me- i wanted to find at least 2 things - the silver Australian coin and ...the Rising Sun.. i had one day, one shot to get it... Guess what? i made Greg very jealous :-)

More over i found the USA button with eagle that he wanted to find and as a super bonus a sunbaker 15gm Silver bracelet! :

On Sunday we decided to visit another WW2 site as Greg really wanted to find something positive, but the location was sinking in the swamp unfortunately and we found only some ammo, but the day was great ! :

The small rising sun pin was found in a park, where i picked up nice half penny with a ru on it :-)

The trip was awesome! i would love to come back!
see you soon with new finds :-)

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  1. Very good going especially with a detector you haven't had much experience with!