Monday 17 June 2013

Beach Hunt #55 Gold Number 25 for the year!

After a long brake from proper beach detecting i went out to Takapuna with Andrew for a 2 hour spin,
Beach is almost empty. but.. you would not believe me if i tell you that Andrew found 2 18K rings in the first hour.
Two! ahead of me!

So i put all my effort to find at least one for myself! And i did!

7.34 gram 18k Ring with inscription in Latin " Sempre E per Sempre " (always and forever) and a date.
I will be happy to return it to the owner (who might google the phrase) for the reward of gold value in the ring :-)
I also got 2 silver rings and heavy 15 gram silver cross "Peace"

The rest of the finds have 8$ and keys that go into recycling bin :-)

See you all at the beach!

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