Friday 31 January 2014

Treasure Hunting Adventures with White's Dual Field PI

Good Day Everyone !
As I have decided to add Dual Field to my Armory of detectors,  please enjoy the report on what happened  during first 3 days of trial :

The best finds are following rings :

Silver from Dry Sand on Day TWO

Two 9CT rings from Water detecting on Day THREE 

Today was a DAY 4 with Whites and  water detecting , the result is pretty good :-) Gold# 4 for the year and 3d for the White's Dual Field

Other finds from today (water + dry sand for an hour):

Enjoy the Hobby & happy hunting everyone !


  1. I use an older White's Surf Pro PI. I don't know if you own or have used one, but if you do could you tell me how does the Duel field compare to those? I have good luck with mine but I use it so much that now it is held together with duck tape!

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