Thursday 4 October 2012

Depositors are back to Mission Bay! :-)

Heya all,

Elena and i had a nice walk at mission bay,where i took couple of picture to see how depositors are spreading on the beach :-)

weekend of 30/09 :

So Tonight i finished work 5pm and was able to get to the beach about 6 Pm  (low tide was 5 pm)
Not too bad as we can see from the picture above that all people are on the slope.

Spent about 2 hours, finding a number of keepers :-)
The best are 10.90$ , silver Earring and Silver Ring with Zirconium

Season is Open, See you all at the beach! :-)


  1. Nice finds for the start of the season.
    I will have to pop along and try my luck sometime too.

  2. The etrac loves silver... another ring for me today too.. :)

    1. These werew found with Excal, i tried etrac once on the beach, no no no ... will use only excal :-)

  3. Only 2 silvers for me today. A 6p and a Gemini pendant. Alas no rings.