Wednesday 18 January 2012

3 hour Hunt at Kohimarama

Hi, Next trip was at low tide 9am-noon, then i had to retreat as it got extremely hot.
So a little bit of info first: Kohimarama is a sanded beach and it is hunted heavily and frequently . The beach base is actually mud and clay- heavy items supposed to sink up to that layer and stop.
So at a low tide i went to couple of "pockets" but unfortunately they were empty- no gold for me. got some coins though.

When about 10-30 i noticed a lot of people start coming to the beach taking spots on dry send- so quickly decided to shift to dry sand. There were a lot of kids and all were watching me. Sometimes it is annoying when people constantly ask if i have found something or "what are you looking for" but when kids come around and ask if "Are you looking for treasure, mister" i can not resist to make a pirate expression :D

Actually i did find a treasure when one of the kids was watching me- there was some sort of metallic dish buried in the sand with toys in . So when i dug it up and gave to the kid- he was really excited. ! ><

Anyway. It took me only 20 minutes at dry sand to pull that really nice silver ring - that i am most happy about as $$$ wise i just got 6.30$ that makes me .50 short braking even for bus fare :/
But again - it is all good as ii had a wonderful morning and a good work out (better than a jogging)

So here are my finds for the day :
* A key
* Sinker
* small bell
* beer opener
* spoon
* 6.30$ + another dead 10c piece
* 5c australia
* 5c
* another cool silver ring :D

Beer opener and spoon go into the bin though. I keep all keys and will make a big stand some time.

Ring close up with 925 stamp :D

Tomorrow is a trip to St Helliers or maybe somewhere else. haven't decided yet.

Hope you like these as well and see you soon


  1. Congrats on the silver Max. Nice ring. Looks like a fairly new drop as still shiny.
    Pity no more goldies but I think that is just due to too many hunting there.

  2. Well done :) Sweet looking ring!

  3. You sure are pulling in the silver! lol good job.