Thursday 19 January 2012

Two toys that are twice old as i am plus treaky find i need help to identify

today i decided to take a rest and clean up a find that got while me and Chris went to the triple park hunt

let me introduce you "Frontier double barrel cap gun "

It is in pretty good condition,only trigger ring is broken (the piece of metal that goes over the trigger)
I am trying to find the year and model for this- if anyone can help - muchly appreciated

The metal horseman was found in a small park in Auckland cbd  where i found my silver 1934 shilling and sixpence :D (pictures later)

and about mystery find - these might be simple pieces of aluminium, that can be found at Takapuna and Cheltenham beaches. However some pieces do look really natural. Could some one help me out with these as well and tell me if those are natural from Rangitoto ?

Check that piece on the left bottom corner- it looks so nice! 

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  1. The gun looks pretty cool now it is cleaned up. I think the other pieces are probably aluminium that has been through a fire and may have got to the beach via old storm water drains.