Sunday 22 January 2012

Hard Start, But Sweet Finish

Good Day!
Today Andrew and i went to a hard out detecting with an early start with sunrise at Long bay. However we were really surprised to a cleanliness of the beach - I got only  2*10c pieces and Andrew got 2$+2$+1$.
I tried to quickly scan the park area-but it was really polluted with pull tabs and beer tops,so we left within 30 minutes.
Next stop was  bottom(Devonport) end Takapuna beach, where we spent a little bit of time without Huge success and left right at the time when weather changed to showers and CHRIS found his Big gold ring :D
So at that point i had only couple of dollars and nothing else :( Andrew was sitting at about 7$ and his first ever Ring, no marking- so most likely the crap one.
After lunch and with a sunshine on the horizon and low tide at our feet we decided to go favorite location of tripple beaches- Mission bays/Kohimarama, Saint Helliers.
First stop was Kohi where i pulled couple of dollars and all of my sinkers. Andrew got couple of coins and we shorty left as we scanned only one corner of the area that we planned to cover before going to Saint Helliers

And here we go! upon arrival i went directly to a spot i wanted to cover for a long time and.. Kaboom!
I Hit the jackpot !Within half an hour i got about 7$ and a Massive Male ring that could be either white gold or Platinum with 18K marking on the inside (will check with jeweler and update the blog)

Here is the Close up :

So here are the rest of the finds

* Sinkers &other fishing items
* 15.40$
* crap earring and heart
* old decimals: 50c,10c, 5c 5c
* Foreign unreadable coin
* completely self destructed 10c10c10c20c (Stupid/smart idea by reserve bank to mint steel plated coins )
* and The best find of the day - 18K Gold/Platinum Mens ring :D

Have a good day and see you later!


  1. Your putting in the time and getting good results Max. Hope that ring confirms OK. Sounds like Andrew had a god hunt too.

  2. Well done :) Great results alright :) Found a ring this morning myself, wish it was real tho - lol ;)