Friday 20 February 2015

Quick visit to Brisbane, Sunshine & Gold Coasts over last weekend

And as always i will start with a great THANK YOU !
Dear Greg and Ria, thank you very much to host me again ! And i hope for another meet up soon, either here in NZ or in Brisbane again :-)

As AU beaches are quite different from NZ beaches : Sand, Tides, Currents and waves. It was very hard for me to find a right place to detect, we have visited several beaches that looked either crowded or generally well used. but Conditions were not right and a lot of time spent at the beach was ppretty much fruitless :-(

On a 1st day of my visit we went to a well known Sunshine coast beach- it was amazing! But as i already mentioned - not much result. More over my Grey Ghost ATX headphones leaked at the cable connector and was unable to use detector anymore :-( upon arriving back home we trie dto disassemble the unit to resolder the connector, but it was not possible as final bit with the male/female pin was a hard plastic pressed : 

I emailed& called detectorPro guys and they advised that i will need to send them for repair :-(
So i tried to find an original Garrett headphone sin BNE- but unfortunately there were none in stock :-(
Thanks Greg again for letting me use your Excal :-)

So the next trip was to Gold Coast!

The Iphone is completely dead and corroded as it was found below tide mark :-(

Oh Boy, this Brass ring looked so good in the scoop! - mixed feelings

All of finds from the Australia Trip 

See you guys soon!

Junk Rings + 2 

Total Rings: 99 , Precious: 64
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=30 STG=34 Junk=35 STG Coins: 4,Keys:19

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