Thursday 12 February 2015

Home&Away,Part 2 : The Bay Of dreams

Lets carry on the story,

As you might saw this preview allready : 

Yes and yes again, we did find our small bay of dreams ! every detectorist wishes to find one in his adventures. The bay that has never been detected, the one that holds all the treasures. For me- i've been lucky twice already. Thirst time it was Rarotonga, now its right here - my hometown - Auckland.

Tuesday 3d of February 

Bay welcomes me with all old coins and a huge load of stuff :

My loot got me 3  9ct gold, 4 silver rings and 2 junk , plus silver chain and bracelet 

Wednesday 4th of February 

Bay is showing me that it loves me with a locket and  18 ct Catholic ring , 9 ct old wedding band and Stainless ring. 4 silver rings as a bonus

Thursday 5th of February 

We are back again to the bay as conditions are perfect and sea is calling for us 

Bay is very generous this time with 

* three (3) 18 ct rings
* one  9 ct ring
* 3 silver rings
* 2 silver crucifix  one with 9 ct Jesus on it
* nice silver Australian 6d 1957  

Friday 6th of February 

Nice calm weather is still allowing us to visit The Bay :

The finds still coming and consist of :

* Five (5) 9 ct rings and one silver ring, the rest are junk.
* silver pendant and coin as a bonus

Saturday  7th of February 

Another generous day at the bay with a short visit to another place on the way : 

The 2nd gold ring was from another place, while all other rings are from our Dream bay.

* three(3) 18 gold rings
* 3 silver rings

Awesome day!
Sunday 8th of February 

Amazing! Bay is still producing, time is running out as weather is about to change and it will be accessible 

Great outing with following result :

* two(2) 9 ct rings and 9ct earring that is heavier than both 9 ct rings
* 4 Silver rings  
* Huge 30 gram silver chain and other assorted Silver items

Monday 9th of February - Final Day at the bay

Unfortunately weather is about to change and its getting very hard to do the bay . However on my last day at the bay i was given couple of awesome gifts by the sea : 

When i arrived, i had a 5$ note floating towards me :-) awesome!

From this lot - ther eis small 9 ct ring that was found at another bay on the way. its the bottom raw  3rd ring, the rest 5 gold were found at the bay. this was my best  6 gold day ever!

* five (5) 9 ct gold rings, wher e2 are similar design with Horseshoe
* 22 ct birmingham stamped English gold
* a very cool looking Silver ring with squere CZ that looked like platinum ring when i found it .

The winner of the Bay :

So, lets made the summary of Gold and silver from this amazing 7 day adventure: 

(one ring is missing in this picture, mixed up with earring for some reason)

Total Gold Rings :   25  (23 bay of Dreams + 2 from other bays ) 
Total Silver Rings:  21
Total Junk Rings :  13
Silver Coins :           3
Keys:  9

Total Rings: 97 , Precious: 64
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=30 STG=34 Junk=33 STG Coins: 4,Keys:19

Important Notice: I do not store Valuables at home. All jewelry i posses is in a secure Bank Vault  

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  1. You really hit the jackpot on this one Max. Well done.
    So what's next? :-)