Sunday 18 March 2012

The Best Way to finish weekend of detecting :o)

Good evening everyone.

I took a bus to Mission bay in order to beat the "Around the Bays" traffic.
I have spent 4 Hours  learning the beach and answering "have you found anything ? What are you looking for?".
Imagine the nightmare of detectorist : thousands of people running in a big wave and constantly asking the above questions...Crazy!!
Anyway, i will cut to the chase - Two nice silver rings and heaps of crap jewelry :

The Female ring has Big Stone and 3 stones on the sides and weights 2.13
The Male Ring has engraving "Light of my life" inside and weights 7.79

My Total Silver weight for the weekend is 28 grams and 1 Gram of Gold
about 30$ spendable money as well

Here is a pic of crap :

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