Thursday 29 March 2012

What?! Another Iphone?! ;-)

Hey all, today is my day off and weather is absolutely awesome!
As far as my Wifee is at work- i went 6 am with a low tide to my favorite triple beach - Mission bay/Kohi/St.Helliers , Note- tide was not that good 0.91M

I was able to do Misison bay and Kohi during low tide but St.helliers was only covered over dry sand.

As i already hunter mission bay on Sunday- i just did 3 way walk on the edge of low tide with only 20c+50c found.
So i moved to Kohi and walked all the way to Yacht Club during low tide with marginal success.
However when i moved to Wet send i found a number of goldies  Iphone 4 ! :-0, unfortunately this one is So So so Dead. that it was covered in Rust ;-(
I also found Gold Plated braslet here (Oh my... i so wanted it to be gold when i dug up and looked at the plate...)
St.Helliers got me another band and that cool Double Gangster Ring ;-)
It is not gold, oh well. at least i found a ring.
At the end about   20$+ (minus 7.90$ bus fare) = 12$


  1. Hey Max I see a guy in the states is selling all the I Phones he finds to a phone repair shop for use as spare parts. Could be an earner for you too.

  2. Nice finds Max, what machine do you use?

  3. Fisher Gold Bug with 11 DD :-)
    All my HOURS and Hours of detecting allowed me to master it to use in salt water with Max Sensativity in all metal Mode :-)

  4. Pity the Iphone wasn't another runner ;) cool finds :)