Sunday 1 April 2012

The Money Tree

It takes several decades to grow, and it produces all sorts of money :-)
i spent about 1 hour! around this small tree and still left a lot of targets around.
...this is one of several trees in a new area i found and it seems it has never been detected....

So chek out my finds :

And a close up on best finds :-)


  1. Shade has been a drawcard for centurys aye ;) Cool finds :)

  2. Don't forget the tree itself. I've got a "money" tree here as well and even under the bark where it branches out has contained coins! Figure somebody had planted some pennies in there back in the '40s. The bark at the base of the tree also gave up a couple of coins from when the tree has grown and lifted them from soil.

  3. Grant, Picture of the Tree please and Round up of coins underneath :-)

  4. No need - its the same tree as yours Max :)

    Just kidding, but mine is also a Pohutakawa on the edge of a beach. Hit it again last night but it only gave up some 1 & 2c pieces. Reckon its too early in the season for its fruit to grow into pennies and they're still unripe 1's & 2's.