Wednesday 18 April 2012

It is Here !!!! :-)

I was waiting for it for almost 2 weeks to arrive...
And finally it is here, the best underwater detector voted by users around the world:
Minelab Excalibur 1000

Just doing initial charge of the battery and also need to make coil stabilizer (a small plastic piece that will hold coil at the chosen angle )

I have 2 leads for lost rings at the beaches that were lost below low tide mark....
...So as soon as my sand scoop arrives- i will be on the quest for recovery of wedding rings :-)

Tomorrow Andrew and i will conduct test between His Garrett Infium and my Excalibur on target depth in a wet sand.

Stay tuned for all upcoming updates :-)

Quick Update- Got my Sand Scoop today as well! :

I want to try Bamboo handle first, if fail in strength will do Wood/Metal


  1. Hi Max,
    My name is Tibor from Hungary. My wife and I are living in North Shore too, and have a metal detector. Possibly we can share ideas and techniques, or just have a beer. :) I try to find you on facebook, but not much success.
    Tibor Sidlo

  2. I've just updated my Profile with facebook link :-)

  3. Sorry mate, I still cant find you. Can you try search on my name, pls?

    1. Try to open this link :
      is this one you? :

  4. Hi,
    This must be a facebook problem i think, that we cannot find each other. I give you my email.


  5. hey max i have been looking for a excalibur for a while and would like to know where you got yours from and how much . i was thinking of getting it from usa but i read your message about them not able to ship here thanks john

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