Saturday 7 April 2012

Good Friday Hunts: Old School, Takapuna

Good Morning everyone

Yesterday started with a greet and meet of  Aaron Neave who is also using Gold Bug.
Our First stop was at 6 am at Parnell beach was freshly designed and rebuild the summer just gone. Also we had a quick scan around old trees in the Rose garden with ZERO success, it seems it was not just overhunted, but the last piece of foil removed from soil.

So to avoid disappointment i took Aaron to Parnell School (I do have permission for that one ) as there are heaps of old coins. We got about 5 pennys each with my oldest being 1917 and Aarons 1913 i think.
Then he screamed in excitement : he pulled an old penny with 6 pence attached to it! :-) well done Aaron.

As for me i encountered  a parent with 2 little brothers who were really interested in what i was doing.
Father told them that i am looking for treasure :-) So to support a good image of Detectorist i gifted couple of pennys to those boys. They were just over the moon!

Then a teen girl came over who  said that she is studying at that school and one day she found a XX $ bill that she spent :-)  she was around for a bit then her older brother called her back...

After school we had an attempt at the Oraki beach that resulted in the same as it did for Andrew and I before- heaps of Rubbish and no good targets...

That was the morning....
...The evening.....

Andrew was really keen for a night hunting at the Takapuna Beach during low tine 0.32M. so we went about 9 PM with a tide at 1 AM (2 crazy detectorists) . we wanted to scan drys sand, as beach was crowded today, but result was appalling.

So we waited till tide going out and hit wet sand at the waves with Andrew Fetching 1933 3pence and a ring with a stone but not confirmed material.

As for:
My first target was 51 on gold bug that either foil or 18 karat gold rings. but, unfortunately I was only stainless steel ring with a missing stone,
then I got A silver mens ring . that was about half way tide down,
And a find of the night was an old, really old ..

... Silver ring with 2 stones and marking 92.5  not 925, but 92.5  :

That is is it for now, see you soon and Happy Hunting 

Small Update:
Forgot to mention that Andrew Had Devided Universe by ZERO - He found a signal and when he puled a metal object from sand, following happened:

And that is right at the Low tide Mark..
Crazy! we were were running away as fast as we could, being afraid of following :

Joking :-) but we still do not have an answer what had happen that night


  1. You guys had a good time Max.
    I like the 2 stoner silver.
    Not sure but I think the 92.5 mark is used on Indian silver. Still 0.925 purity.

  2. Nice rings, and well done on the return of the gold and platinum ring.

  3. Cool video.
    Geothermal action from Rangitoto - geysers on the beach - eruption the prelude

  4. Yup, if you see a plug DON'T ever pull it out as you will never know what will happen. We had one here on Waiheke a few years back - pic here:

    When somebody pulled it we had the lowest tides ever seen around the island......