Tuesday 3 April 2012

Rose Gold&Platinum Ring returned to owner :-)

I have a story to share,
I was metal detecting yesterday at Mission bay/Kohimarama, closing my beach season (5 hours and found only 4$ and scrap metal pendant).
About lunch time a young fellow approached me and told me that he has lost a rose gold&platinum
wedding ring about 2 month ago at St. Helliers. He also thought that it might has been stolen as he left it on the towel . I asked him if he claimed insurance on it and he didn’t and also it has great sentimental value for him- the Rose gold part is from same chunk that was used to make his Wife’s wedding ring. He also advised that he set a 500$ reward for the ring
I gave him my phone number and email address and asked to email me the Picture of the ring.

So last night I got an email from guy with attached poster: 
Now, do you remember THIS post?
Here is a close up of the ring :

It was buried for 9 days. (see time stamp on my post Friday 17 Feb 2012)
it was found on the High tide mark in sea weed, He indeed lost it on dry sand .If it was just 2 meters closer to water- it would be sucked into the sea by high tide and dragged with tide in unknown direction or buried underneath meter(s) of sand

So today I have met the guy and reunited with the ring after 2 month separation.
Here is a pic of us:

And now I am half way through saving money for Minelab Excalibur 2  that I will use to recover more rings and stuff in water :-)


  1. Hey mate Might be keen for a metal detect this friday or monday i cant find you on facebook try adding me

  2. Great going! The Karma Gods are in you debt - expect some more good finds now!

    When you budget for the Excal, don't forget to allow some for a long handed scoop (Stavr or similar) as you will need one to retrieve any finds in the water.

  3. Grant, I know :-( the problem that no one ships them to NZ. we (andrew and i) gonna make one ourselves here.

    I tried to check with metal producers if anyone would manufacture some here and got a quote of 135 _GST for order of 10 or 85$+GST if 100+
    that is redonkelous. so gonna weld ourselves....

  4. This is the one I use: http://stavrscoop.com/en/15-sand-scoop-evroexcavator-2-v22.html well recommended and since you have to buy the shaft separately (from Placemakers or Mitre 10)the postage to NZ is cheap enough. Hardest hit was the Western Union transaction fee.

    If making one - go for stainless (Alum will wear too fast) and make sure the holes are small enough to block a thrupence but not much smaller. Also the angle of the shaft helps a lot. Just remember the number of holes you will have to drill! The quote I got from a local engineer was $300 & the Stavr was less then that all up.

  5. WTG for the return! :)

    Depending on the price of the materials and time to make the scoops,
    and if ya can be bothered making a few more to sell on,
    id be keen on one if they turn out alright ;) Look forward to the results ;)

  6. Макс.отличная история! хороший поступок!
    удачных дальнейших поисков.

    Max. great story! a good deed!
    successful future searches.