Monday 23 April 2012

Mission bay: Excalibur Trip#3, GOLD #6 for the year

It was a warm,sunny afternoon at Mission bay.
i arrived 2 hours before low tide and tried to do "washing board" without any success, after 1 hour got only 1$.

The good thing - i met another metal detectorist- Pam, She is a member of Te Tahi Detector Club. We had a little chat and shared couple of stories:-) - she has been detecting over 5 years now.Really lovely Lady.

So with a low tide started the "washing machine" - area were waves brake between settlement area and the shore. within minutes i found 2$ and awesome condition 1936 half Rupee India :

Then i found a crap necklace(really wanted it to be silver, but no) and in about 30 minutes got....
2.4 gram 9CT 3 diamond ring :

And here i would like to stop for a second and tell you something. I decided to collect all Pull tabs i get between gold rings. and here is  only a fraction of pull tabs collected,probably 10 days 151 pulltabs (all those kilos of other rubbish is usually discarded right at the beach bins ). So if to take into consideration that last gold was over 1 month ago, triple the amount i had to dig to get to the gold ring:

Now i reset the count till next gold ring. This post is for those who sometimes say:"Oh it is not fair someone lost a ring,you need to give it to police/newspaper/radio..." - all that crap. I spent hours trying to find those rings, My equipment has quite a high cost that i need to earn back. And also i clean the areas. So please, if you see that one of the rings belongs to you or someone you know- Be generous with a reward :-) And remember - if you claimed insurance, you are no longer the owner and it is illegal to double dip :-P ....

...After i finished  "washing machine" i started the settlement are and found a Silver Fish, crap Ring, A belly piercing-they usually gold or at least silver, rarely stainless. But this one is crap one (that girl is stupid- Ferrous item should not be inserted) Also a small plated Bird.

And final find for the day- pretty good condition Sun Glasses! ya baby :-)

Thanks for stopping by and see you later :-)


  1. I think you had a really good hunt today Max.
    Well done with the Gold and the new shades too.

    The more I do this hobby the more I feel there is to learn about detecting gold in all it's grades. You have found 9k today and dug lots of tabs and I found 18k yesterday and did not dig any tabs as I deliberately disc them out. Maybe my disc pattern is a little too tight for below 18k.

  2. Yeah, its so easy to discriminate gold out. The lower the k the higher the VDI it will read (more copper content), as a contradiction to this the smaller the ring the lower the VDI (bigger target = higher VDI). Thus gold can cover anywhere from the foil range to the same as a $1 coin. And this includes all types of the pull tabs....

    To make things even more frustrating, a plain band will ring in with a "clean" tone but I find a ring with a big stone sticking out can tone in quite messy. And of course the deeper it is the messier and lower the VDI......

    On the beach I dig all pull tabs and clean sounding foil targets. In the parks - well I get fussy and forgo any chance of gold to avoid digging holes every 6 inches.

    Max, it won't be long before the Excel has paid for itself!

  3. Chris, as per Grants post :-) do not discriminate :-)

    With Excalibur- i set disc to only out ferrous metals, and thanks to BBS i now do not dig or lets say almost do not dig beer tops!!! i do get aluminium tops for vodka...etc... but not like 50-100 with gold bug, as they were jumping to 78-85 :-(

    I really really like Excalibur. Fantastic machine for the beach. i did about 10 hours on it now.

    Stay tuned for the next update :-)

  4. Just a friendly reminder - you really might want to read up on finders' rights/ property law.

  5. I was told today that the necklace is an ankle bracelet of Indian design often worn by girls and young women. Pity it is not silver.