Wednesday 7 March 2012

Apple, any one? ;-)

Last night i was doing 5hour evening sweep of Kohimorama beach and found Iphone 4S, that i really like :-D - (cant afford one though)
It was 2 Inches deep in sand and i had to use brush to clean all holes out of sand in order to make it charge (also it is  really lucky with weather and timing- phones die at the beach within 24-48 hours due to liquid damage overnight)
Upon charging the device i found it is Prepay, NOT password protected , so i was able to look up details of the owner -Sent email to them now . Lets hope they are generous people ;-)

Other finds :
* 8.9$
* 2 Crap Pendants


  1. Your night hunting is becoming a habit Max.
    Did you see I tried it too last weekend.
    Good fun.
    That phone owner is a bit lucky eh.

    Any news or pics on that coin of Andre's?


  2. Just got email back from Owner- will meet shortly today.
    Andrew didn't have time last night. but promised to make pictures today.

    I reall like Night hunting:
    * Not hot (had day off on monday and almost fried myself on the beach)
    * No people around wiht stupid questions (but dangerous- that is why i like dual hunt with Andrew)

  3. A small update:
    I have reurned the phone to the Owner and recieved 100$ Reward for it :-)
    To add- there is an inceredible story of survival that phone was in sand since 19/02 !!!!

  4. 19th feb amazing... show how good they are... keep saving your goldies and buy one, thats what I did, its guilt free money, love my iphone.