Saturday 25 February 2012

Another Beach- Another Ring :D

Hi all.
Today was a busy outdoors day with my partner and her family.
Didn't have that much time for detecting, but managed 20-30 minutes at 3 different places .

Omaha - silver earring
Tawharanui - 6$ and Silver Ring
Secret location, Virgin ground (20 minutes of detecting) - 3$ and 2 Sixpence and Half Penny.
Really interesting combination of old coins as could be seen below :
1939 1940 1941 :D

I will be going back to 3d place to get more of old coins (hopefully)

Total Finds:

After numerous visits to Omaha (My partners favorite beach) i decided to dig down dry sand area to check the depth - Gave up after 1m +  :