Sunday 5 February 2012

One simply does not walk into Mordor...Or Goes Detecting

Hi my fellow Detectors and other public.

Today was an interesting day that started 6:30 am when Chris picked me up for our special hunt in a secret location.

We got to The Spot at 7 Am started our hunt with a last decimal edition 20C piece for me and old penny for Chris. The area is really nice and clean of rubbish and most of the targets were coins an other keeper items.

Ding Ding. and i found the Ring of the day - "Lord of the Rings edition" - just silver plated, but really cool with Elven Message :
Shortly after i was the first to pull Silver coin - 1934 #pence ! ::D in a really nice condition! and right after - Shilling 1934. There were heaps of Pennys and other coins.

the total is here :

We finished 10 am as weather was getting nice for a chance and my partner wanted go to the beach - Omaha.

So obviously i took my MD with me  :D
I usually hate digging up those buried drink can at the beach- but today was a different story - a full can of Coke! :D Also found a small pistol shell that has SuperX on it.

Total $$$ = 18.6

See you later and have a nice day !


  1. Well done! Silvers, gold coins, and a free drink to top it all off ;) Awesome!

  2. I look forward to the sequel.