Tuesday 14 February 2012

New Secret Sacred beach hunt after work

Good night, morning i would say..
Andrew and I went for just 2 hours scouting in an area where we thought a lot of hunters would be digging. But for our surprise, area turned to be nicely packed with stuff.
Andrew got 2 pendants (one brass another silver plated) and i got awesome trio as below :

The only 3d pendant is Silver 925 with Zirconium stones (actually looks really nice)
There were some coins as well, but not much- about 4$ in total.
We are defo going back to the beach for a propper scan, rather than scouting- once we finish, i will disclose the location.

Thanks for popping in the Blog and have a good night!


  1. Nice trinkets. All quite clean so maybe recent drops.
    Looking forward to the co ordinates. :-)

  2. Cool finds :) Raining in Canterbury today, but im tempted to head out anyway - lol! HH :)