Wednesday 20 June 2012

One week of Holiday in RAROTONGA part#1 -Photos

Good day everyone ,
I know some of you are waiting impatiently for my story about my trip to Raro.
We stayed for a week at Manea beach villas (Muri Lagoon) , where i was cleaning the area apposite one of the hotels.
My research paid off - noone ever detected the area. I was doing about 3 hours a day . Detecting while snorkeling. And. OH MAN! there were so many targets! you would not believe!
I think i was able o cover only 0.001% of the area with targets. I also had a big help from the current - it was really strong with tide coming - dragging all light items  into dead spot. - so i had a very limited ammount of crap/light  targets like pull tabs.

Area of detecting is between main shore and an atoll :

the depth is as seen above- waist deep during low tide and goes up 0.5m during high tide - so i could detect any time regardless of the tide.I did take my Sandscoop with my- but abandoned it the first day.
The reason for that is that all items go into reef  "pores" and stay there. so in order to retrieve the item- i had to "wave away" all sand from the spot with a hand and then try to extract the item  (i will have all that in the video in PART#2 once i compile all the episodes):

Here what it looks like after removing sand and trying to get an item out (this one was filmed by my partner where i actually abandoned 10c coin after 5 minutes - couldn't get it out)

I know people do not like to read a long long stories. so this post will be pretty short :-)
My total finds were about 350coins (the below picture doesnt have all of them as it was made only half way through)

Brakedown as following :

Cook Island coins:
5$ * 12
2$* 19
Total 120$ spendable
NZ coins:


Total 130$ spendable
1 Penny 192
2 Florins 1949/1964
+some AU dollars etc....

Total Rings were about 15 at the end of the trip, But main finds are as below:

Top are 5 Silver Rings
Middle is 4 9CT gold rings (last with small diamonds)
and last ring is a copper wedding ring :-( all other rings were junk :-(
The total weight of rings is just over 20 gram, that makes it about 500$ scrap value.
I've realized that Raro is a holiday destination for NZ tourists. and we all know that New Zealanders do not wear much gold and all wedding rings are usually 9 CT :-(

I've also cleaned the lagoon from a lot of rubbish and dropped a big bag of it at MURI LAGOON ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER - where guys made a picture of me and promised to write in newspaper and online- should get a link later on.

Final Picture of a lagoon cleaner :

STAY TUNED for a Video Post!


  1. What a great week you 2 must have had.
    Congrats on the gold.
    Now the video. Dadada daaar!

  2. Great trip Max well worth the effort will be sure to re visit Raro with some better equipment. well done on the finds, I can hear the Gold Coast calling you guys for a bit of exploration..