Tuesday 5 November 2013

Second Leg of October Treasure Hunting Trip - Rarotonga #6

Heya Guys,
Please do not be jealous... I know that you are.. but do not :-)
Realizing that there is a public holiday - the Labor day. I booked the Whole week of and went to Rarotonga on My Treasure Hunting Trip Raro #6

I had an Absolutely awesome week again with sun, ocean, colorful fish, PawPaw and much more.

I have a good footage as well that i am processing into one Video with Samoa Adventures and will  upload a video some time this week for all my October Adventures!

Anyway, i do not want you to wait long for the details, so here are all finds from raro trip :

Total 19 rings:
* 7 gold
*10 Silver
* 2 Junk
*3 Silver Bracelets
* Some CZ earings
Over 500 Coins (not in the picture)

Gold Close up :

I will Post all Close ups later on in a week with the Video.

Please, do wait for the Video and i promise that it will be worth watching from the beginning to the end :-)

If Any of you would Like to go on Treasure Hunting trip with Me- and we are talking about Flying to a random Holiday Location, do not hasitate to contact me, i can make a package and go with you :-)


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