Thursday 4 September 2014

Visiting Drinking Spot in the Park :Round 2 -Treasure in the Dog Poo

Hi Guys,

Went for another 2 hour crawl around a bench where people drink - was not disappointing.
Scored first 10$ in about 20 minutes.

The 1st treasure of the night was a really cool Tiffany&Co Sterling Key Ring! :

Then Coins, coins, coins... and Boom! another Treasure :

Then again, coins coins , coin spill coin spill... and Booom! 3d treasure for the night, that was Right to the Dog Shit! no joke, a silver signal right next to a fresh , stinky dog poo :

And here are totals and everything Cleaned UP :

Dirt paycheck for the night was 34$ 
And following treasures: 

This is my Favorite silver ring for the year so far: A Mermaid / Naga Ring

And an Unusual Silver Key Ring:

Thanks for stopping By!

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