Thursday 12 November 2015

From Dawn till Dusk - 2 Beaches, 2 parks

Auckland Morning looks like this:

1 hour park hunt for my usual 10$+1 Treasure (silver or gold item is treasure), so i stop once i get  my lot :

Day 2 . beach

Unlucky visit to a desired beach (bad weather) forsed to miss half the tide time and go to another beach, result was pretty poor: 

Jsut a Junk ring and a blink earring

Day 3:  Double Hart day at the Park while coin shooting

This was a very exciting day! i was in my 1st hour and already around 24$, but no treasure, when a small Silver Hart pendant popped out, so i decided to finish the hunt with 30$ mark - Glad i did!
As before i hit my 30$ i got an amazing 15 ct Gold locket with diamond! 

Very happy i sniped couple more coins to get to 30$ and left :-)

Day 4 - back to beach
Decided to try out  random beach today, not many targets and all very VERY VERY deep.
but got lucky  :-0)

2 9ct rings and a junker., 1st one is just over 1 ram :-( so tiny....

Night out boyz and Gurlz 

GOLD : +2
Junk: +2
Keys : +1
Silver Coins: +1

Total Rings: 239   Precious: 145
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=70 STG=75 Junk=94,STG Coins: 17,Keys:57

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