Monday 3 March 2014

Birthday weekend Ties my Up 9 Vs 9 gold with Dale

Decided to take advantage of calm ocean and hit water hard on my Birthday (Thanks Mom)

Saturday :
Olga and i went to Waiheke island where i spent 3 hours in the water and almost twisted my wrist working in rocks :-( but my effort was paid off by a very nice haul of finds.

Check this Video Out :

And here is a close up of the best find for the day :

Sunday :
As i was already 8-9 with Dale , loosing only one position- it was very important to score another one.
Dale & Me went to a local city beach and had go in a very calm water.

Results? 9-9 :-) a very nice 18 ct female band :

Best of the weekend: 

Unfortunately i shattered the junk ring with my scoop when retrieving from rocks, oh well.

Have fun!

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