Friday 11 April 2014

Another 2 weeks of detecting: hitting 50 rings for the year.

Hi all and welcome back to my Blog :-)

End of summer here in NZ, beaches are almost empty and only surfers are in the water .
Mos tof my beach hunt end with only couple of coins nowadays :-( I've checked my gold count and it is exactly half of what i had last year at the same time.

Anyway, Last week one of the beach outings produced junk ring # 49 for the year :

Then last Wednesday i had most successful dry sand hunt for coins this year : 25$ (usually if i get about 10$ -i am happy)
Also got my ring #50  : 


Thursday was a day off for Dle and I,so we visited One of the beast West coast beaches : Piha.
We wanted to check if our PI machines would work there and also visit famous Waterfall  :

Waterfall was cold. very cold, no no.. it wasn't just freezing !! couldn't more than 5 minutes in with my 3mm wet suit. we found some coins there ,sunglasses and watch, but no rings .

Thanks for stopping by! happy hunting all

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  1. How did you get on with the PI machine at Piha. I've tried my PI Seahunter on West coast black sand and its pretty noisy !!, Cheers Marty