Tuesday 1 April 2014

Two Weeks of Detecting: Final Trip To Rarotonga & Local (NZ) Treasures

Good Day all,

So 2 weeks ago i ad my 7th trip To Rarotonga that i am considering last treasure hunting trip there for the next 2 years. The reason is we cleaned main areas very well that Dale, who detected every day, found only about 200 coins and most of them ferrous (current 10,20 and 50 cents)
So i treated the trip more as a Relaxing Holiday this time and didnt spend much time detecting at all, so my results were pretty poor :

I got only 2 silver rings. Coins are split into 2 piles :
* left are non ferrous
* right are ferrous

And if you search my blog for "Rarotonga" and check reports from previous trips, where i was getting up to 500 non ferrous coins in a week time.

Anyway, it was another amazing trip to the island, here are couple of Photos to Enjoy :

After coming back to Auckland I was 6 rings behind from Dale (he got 3 gold at Raro). So my Goal was to catch up a bit. 
Two days at local beaches on Tuesday and Wednesday yielded only 7$ after 8 hours of detecting, while Dale got another 2 Gold in the same Time.. GRrrr ...

However i did find 2 squished  Silver rings on the road on my way to the beach and a run over cross .

Saturday: Trip to Waiheke Island

With a very nice weather my friends and i decided to go on a day break to the island. While others were enjoying a sun and calm beach, i went for  couple of hours detecting.
My results were pretty pleasant :
* two 9ct rings + a junker gold plated  
* dead watch and some other bits and bobs

Sunday  i spent 5 hours at the local beach, where all i found was a junk earring and 8$ :-(
However on my back home i found a Stainless steel ring :-)

Here are all the treasures from the last 2 weeks :

These 2 weeks bring me to following treasure totals for the year :
*2014*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=13 STG=16 Junk=19

Hope you enjoyed the Photos , happy hunting all !

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