Monday 24 November 2014

Land & Sea Metal detecting Auckand, NZ

Good day everyone !

Summer is here, so all of the depositors are coming out. But unfortunately it was a low tide during the
 weekend's mid day, with all people walking very far into the water. so wet sand treasures for us here.

I did 4 outings in the past 3 days - 3 at the beacha dn 1 in the pasr for a quick $$$ in the grass.

Here  are the results:

 Mid pile is Saturday witth top - beach and bottom, evenign coin shooting.
Left- Sunday beach, very uneventfull :-(
Right pile is today's dry send beach detecting in the morning

And the best of it :
* 10ct ring  (just over 5 gm)
* kids ring from coin shooting evening
* this morning junk toe ring.

Total 33$ dollars as well 


bringing my count to : Ring Count -- 147 and Precious to Ring Count --95
*2014*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=34 STG=61 Junk=52

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