Thursday 27 November 2014

Summer is hear, so are nice boobs (.)(.) & Bums (_!_) at the Beach

Heya all,
Just remember- Sun block is a must now, same goes for Sunglasses :-)

This week i was finighing dry sand areas at my local beaches. Today was same plan , couple of hours of coin shooting and check of "towel" area

Here are all of my finds for the day, not much but i am happy...

Here are the highlingts:

The big  "ring" is a key ring .. was pretty impressive when pulled from sand.
The small ring is a silver ring with  turquoise
The item on lest is a piece of silver from a earring or pendant.

And here is a cool note about those 2 pieces of Tiger eye stones - i now believe tha tit was a silver bracelet that broke down into pieces as back in 2012 i found same 1 piece - here is a link to the story :

Total 6$ dollars
Silver +1

bringing my count to : Ring Count -- 149 and Precious to Ring Count --97
*2014*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=34 STG=63 Junk=52


  1. No pics of boobs n bums just a nice tree!!

    1. I decided not to post :-) as my blog is still Kids friendly :-)