Sunday 21 December 2014

HeartStopper Ring.....

Forgot to post this Episode of my detecting,

Went to Wet sand beach couple of days ago, IT was one of those moment, when you see glint of gold in the scoop... :

..But turns out a crappy plated Alloy.

Had an interesting find though - handmade Talisman in a shape of Horseshoe :

The rest of the finds (Silver cross on silver chain) :

The Earring is interesting as it was low signal on STX - right in the godl range, it has no corrosion as i would expect on any junk jewerly , also after scratching heavily - there is no other alloy and also kinda passes 9CT acid test, still not sure though. Weight exactly 7 Gram L

Junk +1
bringing my count to : All Ring Count -- 182
*2014*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=44 STG=75 Junk=63

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