Wednesday 31 December 2014

Oh No! someone is in a big trouble!!! -Newlyweds

Another interesting hunt last night - a very sanded in beach, but!...
... i was wondering why my rings counter had "0" at PlT/PD .... so we changed that!

Found this nice Platinum Ring :

The ring metal value is about 250$NZD ,but what is more important- it has engraving with a name and a date..... and a date is DAY/ December 2014 ... So sad.. person just got married, went to the beach and lost it....

So what have i done so far: i called
and was told that team that is authorised to access records to look up people who were married on the date and also match names are away till 5 January,

So, if couple married in NZ, i will be able to find them next week.

So for now feel free to share this on facebook and see if people will come up 

bringing my count to : All Ring Count -- 194
*2014*Rings PlT/PD=1 GOLD=46 STG=80 Junk=67

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