Sunday 8 March 2015

Summer summary or February Finds from NEw Zealand

Heya Guys,

So what has been happening since i returned from Brisbane on 17 Feb ?
For a start i had several recovery requests that already been posted, but i missed this one  :

The ring was lost in a VERY VERY COLD water of mountain stream going of Piha waterfall.
I am Glad that i have found it withing 10 minutes of search, but it was VERY VERY COLD even in 7 mm wet-suit and hoodie.

19 February :

Trip to one of the Local beaches produced a very nice haul of finds from wet sand mark:

Rings are 3 junk, 2 silver and 1 9ct gold

This is my 2nd favorite silver ring this year : 

While evening outing on a dry sand gave couple more rings : 

Silver and Junk 

20 February

4 Treasure hunters packed their gear for a distant beach discovery:

But unfortunately no "bay of dreams" this time - all sanded in :-(

Just a costume religious ring:

21 February 

This day was a little bit better. but just a little :

 A tiny 9 ct ring :

22 February 

Another beach another ring! Olga also joined us on a good day out:

My result was a tiny 9 ct and silver : 

23d of February 

A visit to very dirty beach still produced piece of gold :

Silver & Gold, pity that gold is hollow and very light

24th of February 

This is a very interesting Day as we went to Local beach - Kohimarama
Nothing special apart from some steel coins and other junk. 2 hours into the Hunt a bloke came over and advised that in DECEMBER 2014 he lost a ring at a particular part of the beach (not commonly used for swimming) .I asked him to give me general location  (stairs/ rails/trees ) if he could remember any. Then advised to send me picture of the ring and description...
... Several hours later, after gridding the area and removing lots of Junk i have found it couple dozen meters away from the location he stated !

Reunited the next Day : 

25 February 

Trying to discover new places i will work during upcomign winter...
Not a bad result for exploration trip :

Tiny gold, silver ring and couple of silver coins : 

26 February 

Crap weather, bad sanded in conditions and visit to 3! beaches produced nothing more than junk ring and chain + some coins :

27 Fabruary 

Full day metal detecting - visit to 2 beaches produced a pile of stuff!

Unfortunately only 1 light 9 CT gold, then some sort of fake gold ring, 2 silvers and 2 junks

28 Fabruary 

Just a dry sand walk :

Pity - it is a Junker

1 March 

a Very Good day at the beach for me! 

9 ct ring and a hollow, but still pretty nice 9 ct bracelet. . junk ring & victorian shilling

2nd March

Great to be out :

1 gold, 1 silver  & 2 junk 

4th march - Dry Sand day

2 silvers and a Junk

5th March 

A Waiheke island trip - a Bust :-(

Please note: all the above hunts were at least 4-5 hours :-(

Junk +15
Silver : +11
Gold : +8
Silver coins + 2
Keys: + 7

Total Rings: 139   Precious: 87
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=41 STG=46 Junk=52 TG Coins: 8,Keys:30

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