Tuesday 30 June 2015

Sorry for not posting for 3 months :-( - here is a treat from today :-)

Heya Guys,
Sorry for no coverage of my adventures since march - i was travelling and Detecting Around the world and in NZ.

I have a full folder of pictures and videos to share, but this post will be fresh out of the water :-)

For my Northern hemisphere friends- we have mid winter and water is 13.8 °C

I've spent about 2-3 hours in the water wearing 7 mm wet suit, but almost got hypothermia, so had to ge tout. could not feel my fingers (wearing warm dive gloves) :-(

So, what did i get on this nice winter day :

13 Rings :
* 4 Junk
* 6 Silver
* 3 Gold (all 9ct)

The massive  MASSIVE 95 gram silver chain (it had the Biggest silver ring of the day on it and it was a eye ball find)

Rest of coins and other small pieces:

So for now i will update my count as per last March post ( STAY Tuned for 3 month of finds!)

Junk 4
Silver : +6
Gold : +3

Total Rings: 152   Precious: 96
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=44 STG=52 Junk=56 TG Coins: 8,Keys:30

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  1. You have certainly found a good spot Max.
    Looking forward to your travel reveal too.