Tuesday 27 October 2015

Old Legends never Lies: Get a spoon- you get a Gold Ring :-)

It is absolutely amazing weather in Auckland at the moment 
So packed my gear and went with Olga to Auckland's best getaway - Waiheke island.
In addition to great day we had a great companion- local resident Brett, so with 3 of us we had  more than enough space at main beach to hunt of Treasure :-)

As soon as we arrived to the beach an upset lady rushed to me asking if we could find her car keys in the sand. Unfortunately They were were lost at the other side of the island :-(. Lucky for us Brett was on wheels and he went with lady while we had  beach just for 2 of us :-) - he came back40 misn later with a success recovery - free lunch for all of us as bonus for the day :-)

as for the finds, lots of sand around but Olga managed to score one SS ring, once copper ring, old lipstick in bronze case and a shark Tooth pendant, while Brett got just some coins and double decker bus silver charm 
My finds were a bit better, but not toof ar away from everyone: 

A gold ring only 1.77 gram 9 ct

Silver: +1
GOLD : +1
STG coins : +1

Total Rings: 220   Precious: 136
*2015*Rings PlT/PD=0 GOLD=65 STG=71 Junk=84,STG Coins: 16,Keys:50

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