Monday 8 April 2013

2013 Hunt# 44 Pendant crafted by dwarfs,5 April, Browns bay

Didnt have time to go hunting over weekend or even post about friday night outing.
Andrew, his brother and i went to browns bay for low tide,
Weather was really calm, so i decided to go weist deep- found a number of holes made by others, however got lucky with silver shilling and very beautiful pendant :

The watch is Seiko, that is still dry inside, but completely munted as it was in the water for quite some time, deof not this year drop.

And here is pendant close up:

Andrew got lucky this time and scored nice, but tiny 9ct gold ring with diamond chips, while his brother got silver charm for the bracelet (like Pandora ones)

Summer is over, and beaches will not be as popular as before. so time to watch for Cuts and go into water for old drop

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