Tuesday 30 April 2013

2013 Hunt# 48 The Day i found Purse

Olly and i went to Kohimarama on already coming tide and just with 1 hour of sunlight.
i Knew that there should be something out ther in the deep, below low tide mark.
SO we start wading away from the shore... Not that many targets, but still better expirience than digging light aluminum crap and beer tops.

Anyway, when i got the small purse in the scoop - i got very excited, as i could see the impression of coins in it.
However due to Plastic composition of the purse i didnt expect anything older than 1950s

I called Olly over to share the moment (i always say film that, to share with other, but in this case, again, i didnt expect anything super good)- we opened the purse and there were 2 nz pennys and one Fiju Penny.

I consider it to be my first Treasure :-)

Here is a pick of other items that i got in an hour:

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  1. Imagine if it had been 2 half sovs and a Fiji penny.