Sunday 29 September 2013

7 Ring Day , wow ... but no Gold :-(

Daylight savings... what a pain in the ass when you need to wake up early in the morning....
... Andrew braved up and txted me 5:45am NEW Time that we are going....
I couldn't believe... so early o.o.....x.x ...

The start of day day was at SH1 highway petrol station with White Chocolate Blueberry muffins and Coffee as we were heading up north to Omaha area.

The day was so warm and beautiful that we really wanted just go for a swim :-) but water is still pretty cold, so we passed on water activities.

Targets were slow, but consistent with 1st target sinker and next target Stainless steel ring . That gave us some hope for real treasure. But gold and 1-2$ coins were all VERY VERY deep so even our CTX with 11 (me for today) and Andey with 17 missed all gold . We spent well over 5 hours detecting at Omaha and Tawharanui Peninsula .

My totals are below:

And cleaned:

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