Thursday 12 September 2013

Excalibur 2 with 8 inch Coil Trial While CTX is in Repair

Good Day everyone,

Am still processing my Rarotonga Video and Minelab repairing my CTX. So i Got Myself Excalibur 2 with * Inch coil (i used 10 Inch coil for over a year prior CTX)

Same as before, i would say that Shaft is Crap and i need to get Straight shaft as soon as possible.
Performance- love it! :-)
here are finds from just 2  hours from Takapuna (that is so cleaned out by us....) Photo is missing 1$ coin and 3*50c coins that i spent on the bus:

Silver items are 3d and an earring.

Next step - test in water.

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