Saturday 17 August 2013

15 August trip to Ngaruawahia, Silver Ring # 50 for the year and more

First of all i would like to Thank Dale for making this trip happening - it was a great day out!

I set 2 alarm clocks for 06:00 and 06:05. I do not remember switching 06:00 but exactly when 06:05 am went off - i got a call from Dale saying that he is 20 minutes away....
... I was Running like crazy chicken around the house putting my shit together....
Headphones- check,
Lesche -Check

Knee pads, Gloves, pouch - Check

Propointer?! where the heck is propointer...... Check

06:30 we took off with a first stop at Huntly for couple of hours with a mixed results , had breakfast and went to  Ngaruawahia.

We found a really nice area, but strange... The ground has numerous targets... heaps and heaps of pennies and no deeper than 4 inches. But further down in the ground- some metal or hot rocks that was constantly giving ferrous signals.

Having so many good targets, we had to discriminate and ignore background ferrous sound and go very very slow... and that is where ctx3030 kicked in showing how advanced it is over many other detectors. i doubt that any low range detectors would be able to pick up good targets masked by pile of ferrous junk underneath.

Anyway. a lot of talking, here are interesting finds. The first one consists of 3 pieces. Where i found only 1/3 but Dale helped out and found the rest 2 - the complete Cricket Buckle! i would say its pretty rare to find one in NZ. but here we go :

It is a pity that actual "Shield" of the buckle was found by Dale (like next to me where i found the 1/3 piece of buckle) and i would not be able to claim buckle award :-(

Here is close look from the ground:

There were heaps and heaps of 1-2C pieces that i have excluded from this post, but here are all of the finds before clean up and separation :

Some of You might ask : " what is that thing next to the buckle ? " that  jew's-harp :

Another good find was a following silver charm bracelet : 

About the sunset time ,when we already packed to go back, Andrew called me saying that he is on the way to Takapuna . So Dale and i joined him for an hour, where i got my #50 Silver ring for the year, 12th Silver coin for the day (3d), beating Dale with his personal best of 11 silvers from last week trip and a 2$ coin :-)
Dale and Andrew also got a silver ring at Takapuna .

Here are all of the non 1-2c finds for the day :

GRRRrRR!! i so was hoping for another Full house, but both Florins are non silver :-(

And here is my oldest find for the trip UK Shilling 1877 :

Thanks for stopping by and see you around!

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  1. That's some pretty awesome finds, Love the funky looking bracelet!