Tuesday 6 August 2013

Beach hunt#65-66 Silver Ring #49 Night Hunts

Was a bit busy and didnt post weekend finds.
I had 2 hunts at Stanmore bay on Friday and Saturday night that were pretty interesting...
So Friday night started when Olly picked me up up and we went to Manly beach. It was sanded in,but we were able to pick up some 1-2$ coins . Olly got a very chunky silver bracelet.
As we were already on upcoming tide, we decided to take a quick midnight pizza brake before visiting Stanmore bay park for 1-2$ coin shooting....
... When we came to the beach--- OMG! all sand was washed away from around main entrance... but water was already at 1/2 tide... Muttering that we wasted about 45 minutes on Pizza we start swinging as close to water as possible... 2 lines walked before both of us got full gumboots of water (you do not see that big wave coming when you dig the target) so we had to leave... but in that 20 minutes i got 3 rings. sinkers and some coins that were sitting right on top - just a scratch with a scoop...
...Pity that rings are copper (billabong) , S.steel and small silver ring.
I also picked up a  lot of boating brass scrap (good $$$)

So on Saturday morning i tried to call everyone to go to the beach on the morning low tide.. but all were busy :-(
So Olly and i were able to get to the beach only on the midnight L.tide. Andrew also came over and we start hammering the beach that already got sanded in, but not heavily.
No good rings for us, i got only a small silver/junk ring, so tiny that i didnt bother cleaning it or making a picture.
After about an hour at the beach, Olly suggested to do some coin shooting as competition.(Andrew decided to stick to the beach before heading home)

Coin shooting:
Olly decided to use his F75 against my CTX3030 with 17 coil.
Both of us hunting almost side to side in a very trashy area.. who do you thing came as a winner?
Yap, Me :-) i got 20$ in a bout an hour and Olly got 18.

Pretty good night overall, except that i missed a morning tide and a hunt with Dan .
I woke after 1 pm and had heaps of messages and miscalls from Dan and other people. :-(
Dan, i am very sorry that i let you down :-( its just body decided to ignore all alarms and sleep in .

Thanks for stopping by.
See you next time

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